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“Black Lives” Revealed

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In race-baiting militant diatribes, “Black Lives Matter” organizers want America to believe that blacks are being victimized by an evil system of injustice. Their rhetoric is intended to ply blacks with mythical conspiracies about how communities of color are destined to suffer until the “system” is reformed or overthrown.

The movement, however, is a lie – a malicious fabrication that lacks moral authority or credibility.

Unknown-1Intoxicated with their hyped media messages, the new pro-black rebels view altercations with police as a litmus test of society’s compassion. However, the issues they generate takes a cruel turn when reason gives way to a contagious mob psychology that seeks to permeate the politics of the country.

Most of the outrage is directed at what occurs in the poorest black neighborhoods where a large segment of the population is plagued with a host of intractable problems. Today, for example, about 40-percent of blacks comprise a permanent underclass: increasingly poor, uneducated, unproductive and welfare dependent.

Black children are also three times more likely than whites to live in a mother-only family, or to live in poverty than white children. The black unemployment rate has consistently been more than twice that of whites.

These desperate conditions are troubling, for sure. But they are long removed from the influence and terror of “white racism.”

The schools black children attend typically experience severe financial hardships, shrinking student enrollment, high absenteeism, staggering dropout rates and low achievement. All are influenced by factors stemming from disinterested parents, not some diabolical racist plot.

Smoking, drug use and poor nutrition contribute to blacks being more likely than whites to die from 13 of the 15 major causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and AIDS. Black infants are twice as likely to die prematurely as white infants. These life-and death issues are lifestyle and behavior-related — not race-specific.

The most striking mortality disparity between blacks and whites is the homicide death rate, with black men especially vulnerable to being killed by someone who looks like them than by a white cop. Those engaged in the violence are four times more likely to come from homes in which their parents are criminals. Functionally illiterate, uncommitted to self-betterment, desensitized and dangerous, these homegrown urban terrorists are prime candidates for prison, death or a life of crime and predictable confrontations with cops.

No white racist could concoct a more insidious method to systematically annihilate blacks. In fact, remove the last bigoted, killer cop from the face of the earth and nothing about the black murder rate would change.

For America to yield politically or intellectually to the purveyors of the myth of the oppressed black is to blindly define black problems through the prism of oppression and powerlessness. Adding insult to injury is the notion that residents of the “black community” need outside interpreters to decipher truth from a “racial con job.”

If America is so repulsive and vile, why aren’t the shores of this country swarming with blacks seeking every opportunity to escape its tyranny and oppression?

The answer is because the majority of blacks are not the victims of an oppressive police state, white supremacy or society’s neglect. Too many unfortunately, are victims of their own behavior.

images-1Ironically, all this wolfing about oppression takes place in a country that elected a black president– not once, but twice. Worse, by siding with the protestors, Barack Obama has seized every opportunity to make sure race relations are worse today than at anytime in the last half-century.

In summary, not enough blacks educate their children. Not enough protect them from the terrors and temptations of the streets. Not enough provide the moral guidance for their young to become productive citizens.

So to have anything but disdain for the politics of dissent, manipulation and alienation ignores the reality of “black lives.”

1 thought on ““Black Lives” Revealed

  1. Though I agree with some views of your article, your overall view of “our” community is harsh to say the least. The statement made that oppression is a myth was disheartening . Though slavery is not physically in existence today, the spirit of bondage still remains. We can cry out to “save the dolphins” or “protect the black rhino”, does that insinuate that other living creatures don’t matter? They protect geese better than people! People rally behind that and go on television and God forbid you put a gorilla to sleep! Is a black life less than that? It seems that you are saying that we are uneducated and have no value of education, we are doomed in a fate of our own. Are you saying that the life of a black person with a criminal record living in the hood is not important? Are you saying that it is okay to be profiled if your nose is wide? Are you saying it is okay for a cop to come into a community and murder someone because they were “afraid”? My problem with that is, if you are afraid, be a school teacher, not a cop.

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