Detroit insurance rates

What really drives Detroit insurance rates?

Suburban and rural lawmakers are already distancing themselves from Mayor Mike Duggan’s “D-Insurance” legislation, designed to reduce auto insurance costs in Detroit — with good reason. The bill’s passage would give Detroit drivers a major rate break. But if millions of other Michigan motorists have their benefits reduced, or pay higher premiums, it boils down […]

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Detroit real estate

Detroit: Get out of the real estate business

Before bad policy decisions permeated Detroit City Hall and disrupted long-established patterns of economic vitality and community organization, the city was largely defined, and given much of its character, by its great neighborhoods. Population loss destroyed political influence, affected taxes and spending and business investment. Neighborhood decline spread as blight caused residents, then businesses to […]

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Detroit Missed Pension Reform Opportunities

Detroit Emergency Manager Keyvn Orr ignited a political firestorm when he orchestrated the largest Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy filing in history. At its flaming core is more than $18 billion in debt and liabilities, including $5.7 billion in unfunded retiree health insurance and $3.5 billion in unfunded pension payouts for some 30,000 retirees and city […]

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